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DPIA in the Projects Lifecycle with Iustin Ivlev.

IPLC 2018

IPLC 2018: DPIA in the Projects Lifecycle with Iustin Ivlev.

Synopsis: Under the GDPR, DPIAs will be mandatory for any new high-risk processing projects. The DPIA process will allow you to make informed decisions about the acceptability of data protection risks and communicate effectively with the individuals affected. Not all risks can be eliminated, but a DPIA can allow you to identify and mitigate against data protection risks, plan for the implementation of any solutions to those risks and assess the viability of a project at an early stage. If a DPIA does not identify mitigating safeguards against residual high risks, the Data Protection Commissioner must be consulted.
Good record keeping during the DPIA process can allow you to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR and minimize risk of a new project creating legal difficulties.

Speaker’s Bio: Iustin has the bachelor in ecology and environment protection and owns a Master in the Security of Information Technology. From Open University UK, he earned the Project Management and Business Operations Certifications. He is qualified specialist (IBR si Deloitte-IAPP) in GDPR, DPIA development and DPO qualified.
Specialist, auditor and consultant in the management systems like quality, environment, health and safety he is having a broad experience serving multiple customers.
His team spirit together with his capability of adapt to multicultural environments gained from working abroad together with a great communication skill gained as experience of working in projects funded by European grants (POS-DRU, PO-DCA, POS-CCE) makes him an amazing professional and an important asset to any team he is leading.
From the trainer position together with EXCELO (2008), Iustin developed and delivered trainings like Business Operations, Business Process Management, Project Management, Business Case., Lean Six Sigma (Basics), Contracting, Negotiation and Communication, Critical Thinking.

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