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Personal Financial Wellbeing Project with Adnana Popa

IPLC 2019

Personal Financial Wellbeing Project with Adnana Popa

Speaker’s Bio: Adnana is a former professional banker and founder of Sago Finance, a company whose mission is to empower people and businesses through financial education. Passionate about finding how finances affect our lives, Adnana is designing and implementing Financial Wellbeing Programs for employees and entrepreneurs. She has been helping families and companies managing their money for more than 15 years.

Workshop description: How to build a project for your personal life, with the mission of improving your financial wellbeing? Talking to hundreds of people about their financial lives, I conclude that our financial wellbeing has, of course a direct relation with the level of income and education, but not always true. I’ve always wondered “why some well-educated and above average income people are unhappy with their financial lives?” The answer I learned was that we all need to invest some time to understand what we really want; to build a plan for the present and future; to start the project for our financial life.

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