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Ayres Thiago

Ayres Thiago


Consultant, educator, angel investor, mentor and global speaker on innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership.

With degrees on 3 continents, helps corporations, governments and startups in their strategic challenges. In this professional trajectory, Ayres has been to more than 20 countries helping businesses in different markets, sizes and segments overcome their management challenges.

Confessions of a Sponsor: 20 project truths you didn’t learn on your MBA

Presentation description: this talk brings back the project view from the business perspective, showing the huge mentality gap between project managers and executives. It serves as a wake-up-call for all PM’s to start seeing projects as “means” and not “ends”. This presentation pesents the talent triangle, focusing on how much opportunity is lost by project managers for not developing the “strategy” side of the triangle. Then, it presents 20 truths collected from real sponsors, giving advice to project managers to reposition themselves.

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