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Luis Seabra Coelho

Luis Seabra Coelho


Luis is a Project Management expert – a speaker, a professional, and a volunteer.During his career of over 20 years, Luis has been responsible for projects across industries with a particular focus on the business benefits provided by the projects’ outputs.

Luis started to work for a large Portuguese multi-industry holding, Grupo José de Mello in 1996. Ranging from Healthcare, Financial, Chemical, Infrastructure (highways), Senior Homes and Wine industries, this holding’s diverse activity has allowed him to understand the different ways by which projects implement the business strategy.

To Lead Is To Serve Your Team 

Presentation description: Leadership is a very hard soft-skill. And it’s even harder when the leader has no authority, which happens frequently when the project manager is working on a client, or with volunteers, or even when you have your CEO as part of the project team. And this is where Servant Leadership comes to the rescue!

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