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Marian Stas

Marian Stas


In a career spanning over 30 years, Marian has transformed and retransformed himself. In 1999, he received a scholarship for a masters degree in Public Administration at the “John F. Kennedy School of Government” from Harvard University. Through this degree, he crossed over from a career in the military and IT towards preoccupations of the systematic nature in the current Romanian society. Marian Staș is a lector at Bucharest University (process consulting – Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences), Harvard Kennedy School (quantitative methods – summer programme MPA-MC) and the president of the Association “Clubul Liderii Mileniului Trei” an educational programme which supports both personal and professional development of a whole new generation and leaders in Romania, capable of major changes through the courage of civic action. Besides his academic career, Marian is a consultant and trainer in organisational transformation for over 15 years, contributing to great results obtained by companies such as: Siemens, Cez, Oracle, Tenaris, Electrica, Apanova, Arcelor Mittal, Petrom, Ista, Daas and RCS&RDS. Due to the fact that these transformational processes require multidisciplinary and trustworthy teams, he has chosen to be a part of the Exelo team for over 8 years now.

“First, project LEADERSHIP. Then, project MANAGEMENT. Case study: SCHOOL FOR REAL”

Presentation description: How do we correctly formulate the problem of Education in Romania, now? What is the critical system challenge? What does “changing the education paradigm” mean? These are the LEADERSHIP questions of the proposed case study. How do we operationalize the transformation of the School as a system? What are the critical strategic projects? How do we get started? These are the MANAGEMENT questions of the proposed case study. The presentation will formulate relevant answers from both project leadership and management perspectives.

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