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Mihai Olaru

Mihai Olaru


Mihai is acting as a change agent in organizations who choose to apply the agile mindset and principles to achieve their goals. From training to coaching and consultancy, Mihai is covering the “why”s of Agile adoption, helping the teams have their free space for decisions on the specific “how”s of the agile transformation process.

Creating “Definition of Done” in a cross-functional team

Workshop description: Having a definition of their “done” work can help a team in many ways: First, they will be guided by this definition when estimating their future work. Second, they will have a better understanding of their required work to achieve an objective. Third but not last, they will deal with less risk of misunderstandings between the team and its customer. All great benefits but how to create an effective “Definition of Done”? Join this workshop to contribute and find out!

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