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Raluca Cimpea

Raluca Cimpea


What if? What if people would realise that they are the most transformable and innovative of the spieces? And what if you could get the most complicated things is the most simple way? I mean really get it?

This is me. I am a learning space creator.

I am the trainer that seek, identify, find and unfold, unleash the very best of people on the path I teach people that they have no limits, and how easy is to find inspiration for what ever people want to achieve.I take the best people whitout any efforts, meaning that I put complicated theories, schemes, patterns, in a simple, very tangible ways so that people see the bigger picture and gain a deeper understaning of functional principles so that they do all the transformation and become best of what they do.

I am always thinking „what if that or the other…?” and I listen to people needs and I teach them to ask themselfs the right questions so that they get the answers that they need. My classes are proactive, debate oriented, I am self motivated, I tend to facilitate through the power of examples and life situations and tranfer this to my trainees, I belive that people transformation can only be achieved when we work both with personal and professional needs.

I worked over 20  years as a Project Manager, Program Manager, Operations Director, Business School Director and since 2001 as Senior trainer, mentor and coach.

I am founding partner at EXELO, Global Knowledge certified trainer, trainer Demos DE and Hemsley Fraser Demos – UK, certified trainer SimTeam – HU, certified trainer DISC model and time management  model , certified coach ACC by ICF.

In the period 2004 -2009 I was moderator and facilitator of events: PM cafe, PM Day, PM Forum and collaborated by endorsing specialist to the book Glossary of Project Management.

International professional experience acquired includes projects financed by the European Investment Bank, Council of Europe Development Bank (the largest project led to a budget of 70.5 million euro), I also worked for 2 years for UN in the United Nations Development Programme – UN agency, consultant HRD projects., I manage more than 200 corporate  learning programme from 6 months to 2 years programme, develop training course materials and I delivered both from open catalogue and design solution for in-company clients, as well as course design and consultancy.

Monkey Box – „My Project – your Implementation„ 

Between 60 – 80% of projects fail to realize the required results. This is generally not because of the lack of education or theory, but lack of understanding of how to translate theory into practice, or the lack of the right behaviors within the team. If you want to learn how to translate theory into practice, assess your project behavior and processes, and identify how to improve your project management performance, this simulation can help.

During the workshop you will:

  • Explore Project Management best practices and how to effectively use them
  • Increase Project performance and value
  • Understand project roles and dependencies
  • Get more out your Project Management training, translate theory into practice
  • Improve Team Work and identify improvements to the way you manage and run projects

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