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Veronica Soare

Storyteller| Fundraiser| KaileidoLover

Veronica Soare

Storyteller| Fundraiser| KaileidoLover


Veronica is  a Storyteller, a Fundraiser, a KaleidoLover.

She is a graduate of Communication and PR & Theatre University being awarded:

  • JCI TOYP Romania 2016 – Ten Outstanding Young Persons
  • Career Gala 2016 – Rebel for a cause prize for #minunipeCamino project
  • People for People Gala 2017 – Best Fundraising Campaign on Galantom platform

for #minunipeCamino
Founder and fundraiser of – kaleidoscope of good deeds, a personal fundraising and volunteering project launched in November 2014 after she thought she would like to be fundraiser and make the world a better place trying to empower people to donate money, time, know-how.

Founder and kaleidolover of – making real magic, a project based on her love for kaleidoscopes as objects and metaphors. The only manufacturer of bespoke kaleidoscopes in Europe. Organising make-your-own kaleidoscope workshops that go beyond crafting into exploring the metaphors contained by this optical phenomenon.


Topic: “Kaleidoscope making and thinking workshop”

Synopsis: 100 minutes of play and creativity making your own kaleidoscope and exploring the beauty, simplicity and complexity of this vast object.

Apart from being a crafty workshop that brings to surface at its best the inner child within us and promises to mesmerize both in process and result, this workshop plays around the metaphors of the kaleidoscope and tries to open the perspective of the kaleidoscope thinking in both our personal and professional lives.

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